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Holiday Poetry Party in the Neighborhood

  • email us for location (map)

After tonight's meetup we will be taking a well deserved end of the year break until January 6th, 2015. Time to recharge batteries, mend fences, appreciate family, live life so we can have more fodder for ... poetry ;-)

Anyways, we are getting to the darkest most depressingly cold time of the year when we are expected to cheerfully engage neighbors and families and face crowds to buy gifts for others when we would rather just lay in bed and read or watch orange is the new black, game of thrones or other spectacle...

I guess what I am saying is - Time for a Holiday Poetry Party!

Bring your family and guests as we break out the christmas, kwanzaa, hanukaah, new year's (chinese and others), winter solstice, saturnalia, mummer's day, (maybe just google the rest of the holy days yourself), celebration poems. 

So tonight write and/or find some great seasonal poems and we will have an impromptu open mic, food, drink, lively discussion, pingpong, darts - a nice midweek work break before an even longer holiday break before we start back up in January.