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CU Poetry at the Square

This week we will meet outside on the patio at Common Grounds in Lincoln Square Village. A little more than one year ago we had our first meetup at this very same spot. What a great time to reflect on how far we've come in our writing lives - did we meet our writing goals this past year? have our goals changed? how has our writing changed this past year and, of course, how has our writing changed us as persons (for the better we hope). Those same questions may apply to our group as well. But enough reflection - Every week we bring in 6-8 copies of poems we are working on to share with fellow compassionate and passionate wordsmiths. This week is no different - bring in your work to share BUT also bring in a poem from another author (6-8 copies please) that somehow reflects the last year. Perhaps last year was the first time you ever read this poet, or in the last year you've come to appreciate a different kind of poetry (or any poetry at all) that you never thought you would have. As always, you don't have to bring in poems or copies of poems or anything at all but yourself and your desire to listen and engage with some great poetry and writers.  

See you there!