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CU Poetry at the Urbana Free Library - An (almost) Midsummer's Poetry Meetup

  • Urbana Free Library Conference Room (ground floor) 210 W Green St Urbana, IL, 61801 United States (map)

The play's the thing - meaning playing with words, meanings and forms that is. This week bring in a favorite sonnet or better yet write your own to share with the group. Wait, isn't a sonnet just an old, overworked relic of middle school nightmares? Yes, I suppose it can be. But like people and cultures, the sonnet has changed throughout history to meet the creative needs of generations. So let's talk sonnets, it's variations and how we can incorporate its postive attributes to make our own poetry as timeless as, well, a sonnet.

And as always, feel free to bring in your own poetry to share. There's no better way to get get better at poetry than to read and help make other's poetry better.To get the best feedback please bring in 5-7 paper copies of your work so we can scribble helpful ideas and praise. No copies, no problem, just come to talk poetry, read work from your phone, it's all about the sharing and learning. Hope to see everyone there!