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CU Poetry at the Champaign Public Library

  • champaign public library - room 215 200 W Green St Champaign, IL, 61820 United States (map)

This week - humor in poetry. No, poetry does not have to be all death, pain and modern angst - no matter how good it feels to feel bad sometimes....  

Sometimes successful poetry uses humor, light heartedness, bawdy banter, witty repetoire...  So let's find examples of humor in modern poetry to share with the group. Let's think in and out of the humor box. Sometimes the humor can be overt such as bawdy Limericks or ogden nash who is famous for short humorous poems. But sometimes the humor is less apparent such as billy collins who's humor is said to be at various times soft or biting or wry.  

Your assigment should you choose to accept it this week - Write a poem with some humor in it - 

And as usual, bring in 8-10 copies of your work to share with the group. 

Hope to see everyone there!

Special thanks to Steve for sponsoring tonight's Champaign Public Library meetup location.