Teen (and Younger) Poetry Resources

Teens seem to be drawn by the need to express themselves through poetry. Is it all hormones and the major life changes they go through or possibly because this is when they are first introduced to poetry in the classroom?  Whatever the case, here is the spot to highlight teen (and younger) poetry resources.  Please share with us your favorite resources so others may discover them as well.  


Cool concept by one of our favorite poetry journals - Below is from their web site please visit them for more information

There’s not a bad poet in first grade. None of them are anything but fresh and original … they don’t know how to avoid being original.
—Sharon Olds, from Rattle #17

When most people think of Children’s Poetry, they think of poems written by adults for kids. They don’t think of children themselves as poets, and it’s very difficult to find any anthologies of poems written the other way—by children for adults, as well as those their own age. But the early years of language development are magical. No other time in life is full of such wonder, such imagination, and such linguistic experimentation. Young poets don’t write out of habit; they haven’t even learned yet how to be cliche. They write with a natural spontaneity that adults can only hope to achieve.

Poetry is never more fun than when you’re young, and young poets should be encouraged as much as possible.

Way back in 1998, Rattle published an issue featuring poems written by children. Unfortunately it is now out of print. Starting in 2013, we would like to extend that idea, and place a submissions call for an annual anthology of young poets. The books will be available both in print and as ebooks, and all of the poems will appear as daily content on this website throughout the year. Every poet contributing will receive two free copies.

Please keep in mind that we will not be able to publish every poem, or even a majority of the poems submitted. Our goal is to make this anthology something that’s genuinely worth reading for both children and adults alike.


An itunes app for teens to share their poetry 


So, this was the very first poem I stumbled into on this app.  Enough said. If they can get kids writing stuff like this to each other - go for it-

Parents - They do have some kind of registration process but please check for safety before allowing your kids unfettered access to any site - Predators and all.


Ode to my Converse

KatieWritingHood, Carol Stream IL

From the everlasting darkness of Hot Topic

An aroma sluggishly drifts across the floor

Signifying their creator: Chuck Taylor.

From factories of past oppression,

Rock stages of futuristic sounds,

And glowing X patterns embracing my feet.

These violet pleather high tops sent from the gods make

My toes dance against its walls in pure ecstasy.

These gleaming salt-encrusted wonders of loyalty

Have been through everything.

A best friend

And a better half to my feet.

Some say I walk all over them.

I admit this is true but they lead the way

On every trip,

They, encased in armor,

Cemented in water with the warmth of

one thousand suns

Are irreplaceable.

So when you hold my shoes, you're 

holding my battlefield.

My pair of pen-stained glorified warriors

of the elements.

These soldiers of war won't last a lifetime.

But for now, they walk with me.

Laces intertwined,

Still fighting.


I don't have any personal experience with this group but here are the folks who make the Teen Ink Poetry to go app. If you have teens interested in poetry and publishing their works looks like you should check them out - Here is their about us info page

Welcome to Teen Ink, a national teen magazine, book series, and website devoted entirely to teenage writing, art, photos and forums.  Students must be age 13-19 to participate, register and/or submit work. Distributed through classrooms by English teachers, Creative Writing teachers, Journalism teachers and art teachers around the country, Teen Ink magazine offers some of the most thoughtful and creative work generated by teens and has the largest distribution of any publication of its kind. We have no staff writers or artists; we depend completely on submissions from teenagers nationwide for our content.

We offer teenagers the opportunity to publish their creative work and opinions on the issues that affect their lives - everything from love and family to teen smoking and community service. Hundreds of thousands of students have submitted their work to us and we have published more than 55,000 teens since 1989.

The Young Authors Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that supports all Teen Ink publications. The foundation is devoted to helping teens share their own voices, while developing reading, writing, creative and critical-thinking skills. All proceeds from the print magazine, website and Teen Ink books are used exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to further our goals.