My turn for Submission Sunday posts and this week, I've selected a newer journal to highlight - The Tishman Review 

There are a couple of reasons this journal should get your attention. First off, submissions are to be sent in completely blind with the poems, stories, essays, etc. in a separate document with no identifiers. This keeps the playing field level for new writers as each piece is considered on its own merits, not the merits of the writer's name. 

Second, they are one of the few markets to actually pay cash. Payment ranges from $10 to $70 on a sliding scale, according to their website. That's always a good thing. My guess is the higher end is for fiction or creative nonfiction. So it goes. 

A third and highly subjective reason I recommend them is they just notified me that they accepted one of the poems I submitted in December for an upcoming issue due out in July. So check out their guidelines, round up five of your best, and send them in. 

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AuthorJames Escher