I (Jim) am back. Steve is getting closer to being back. And today is Submission Sunday. One journal that has probably been mentioned here before is Rattle. In addition to their website, their editor Timothy Green is fairly active on their Facebook site as well. He launched a post on Friday that can be found here. 

That post starts out:

So I decided to make some submissions of my own tonight, for the first time in six years, and I'm experiencing a kind of culture shock. Do you all really pay just to submit, almost everywhere? This is accepted now? Not only are writers the only subscribers, but they're also supposed to prop up the magazines by paying for the privilege of having their work rejected in favor of some fancy poet the editor met at the AWP?

It generated quite a few comments and any comment that came from an editor of another journal, and there were many, were received with an encouragement from Mr. Green to link and promote these additional journals which have no submission fees. Very generous. 

So, if you are looking for fee-free submissions, go to here and scroll the comments. You will find a bunch. 

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