For the Boneyard Arts Festival 2015, the CU Poetry Group facilitated a community poem at Jane Addams Bookshop. We set up an easel and invited people to read the most recent line and add a line. A big Thank You to everyone who participated and to Jane Addams Bookshop for all their support during a great weekend of poetry. 

Here is the final, unedited product:

Community Poem 4-11-2015


In the garden of the community of books

A girl drops her thoughts like pebbles into a well

She whispers out her fears and dwells on long-forgotten regrets

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Let us not live for tomorrow but for today

There’s only us, there’s only this –

So we might as well kiss

Since we’re feelin’ the bliss!

on this lovely & wondrous spring day…

passers-by shed their winter shells

nuts she said

hot day, cold morning, sweating

I just need to make it though the first 24 hours

Eyes closed running blind in a forest of regret

The future is cold with drops of blood in my sweat

My heart a frozen tundra bathed in the light of your soul

And still this       bouquet of yellow flowers remain

chilled by the cold wind      blowing from the sound

Covering what is hidden just below the ground

My veins, like roots fill and cycle through and head toward better settings of the sun

The rising of the moon fills me with the anticipation of trouble



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AuthorJames Escher