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CU Poetry in the Neighborhood - Nose to the Grindstone Edition

  • steve's house email for info (map)

Back to school time. This week bring in 8-10 copies of a work in progress or if you need a prompt to get you writing - bring in a work poem - whatever that means. Have fun with it - use it as a therapeutic (work related) stress release (hopefully not just primal scream therapy), is parenting work? how about writing poetry?


Speaking of work, let's use this meetup as an organizational meeting as well. What does that mean? Simply stated, let's decide what we are going to do with CU Poetry in the upcoming year and by what mechanism we will do that. 

Personally I think it would be fun and more democratic to run CU Poetry similar to a worker self directed enterprise... So I mean CU Poetry is work? Of course it is. It takes effort to write poems and to attend and prepare for meetings, but who says work can't be interesting, enlightening, empowering and fun? Hmmm, I wonder what our work poems will say about that?