I first heard of Diane Lockward from the Writer's Almanac and her poem Linguini. She also wrote my husband discovers poetry which I shared with the group. Below is from her blog Blogalicious - please check it out and some of her poems.


Print Journals That Accept Online Submissions 11/14

It's been more than a year since I last updated the list of print journals that accept online submissions. This list includes 14 additions. You'll notice that a number of the journals charge a fee for the online submission. Many submitters feel that a small fee is worth it as it saves paper, stamps, and a trip to the post office.

Journals new to the list (not necessarily new journals) are indicated with a double asterisk. 
The number of issues per year appears after the journal's name.
The reading period for each journal appears at the end of each entry.
Unless noted otherwise, the journal accepts simultaneous submissions.
As always, please let me know if you find any errors here. And good luck.

Adanna: a journal about women, for women—1x

Jan 31 - April 30


Sept 1 - May 31

The American Poetry Journal—1x

February 1 - May 31

American Poetry Review—6x

all year

Another Chicago Magazine—2x

$3 fee

two submission periods—check website


Barn Owl Review—1x

June 1 - November 1


check website to see if open for poetry submissions

Bat City Review—1x

June 1 - November 15


all year

Sept 1-June 1

Bellevue Literary Review—2x

all year

Bellingham Review—1x

Sept 15-Dec 15

Beloit Poetry Journal—4x

all year

no sim

Black Warrior Review—2x

all year

Boston Review—6x

Sept 15 - May 15


November 1-April 30 

Breakwater Review—2x
November 15 for the January issue;
April 15 for the June issue

Burnside Review—every 9 months
$3 fee / pays contributors


August 5 - Oct. 5


all year
Carbon Copy Magazine—2x
May 1st through September 1st, November 1st through March

The CarolinaQuarterly—3x       

all year

Cimarron Review—4x
all year

The Cincinnati Review—2x
Sept 1 - May 31


September 1 - May 1

**The Conium Review—2x
Jan 1-April 1

Copper Nickel—2x

August 15-October 15 

January 31-March 31

The Cossack Review—3x
All year

Crab Creek Review—2x
Sept 15 - March 31


all year
$2 fee

Cream City Review—2x

August 1 to November 1

December 1 to April 1


October 1 thru February 15


August 15–April 15 

$3 fee

Edison Literary Review—1x 

all year


check website to see if open for submissions
(must submit poems one by one)


all year

no sim

Fifth Wednesday—2x

no Jan, Feb, June, or July

The Florida Review—2x

August thru May 

$3 fee

Fourteen Hills—2x
September 1 to January 1
March 1 to July 1

**The Fourth River—1x
July 1-Sept 1

**The Frank Martin Review—1x
all year


reads month of June

The Greensboro Review—2x   

September 15 deadline for the Spring issue

February 15 deadline for the Fall issue


August 15 - April 15

Hampden-Sydney Poetry Review—1x 

All year

Harpur Palate—2x

deadlines: Winter issue: November 15

Summer issue: April 15

**Hartskill Review—3x
all year

Harvard Review—2x

Sept 1 - May 31

Hawk and Handsaw—2x

Aug 1 - Oct 1


Hayden's Ferry—2x

All year


The Hollins Critic—5x

Sept 1 - Dec. 15

Hunger Mountain—1x

all year

The Idaho Review—1x
Sept. 1 to April 15

Iron Horse Literary Review—6x

rolling for 3-4 weeks at a time

check website for dates


September 1 - May 1


Kenyon Review—4x

September 15 - January 15

no sim

Knockout Literary Magazine—1x

check website for submission dates

The Laurel Review—1x
$2 fee
Sept 1-May 1

**The Lindenwood Review—1x
Jul 15-Dec 15

The Literary Review—4x
Sept 30-May 31

Little Patuxent Review—2x
submission period varies—check website

The Los Angeles Review—1x

Submit to Poetry Editor: lareview.poetry@gmail.com

Sept 1 - Dec 1

The Louisville Review—2x

all year


August 1 - Nov 15

The MacGuffin—3x

all year

currently open for submissions
Send all poems to: mantispoetry@gmail.com


The Massachusetts Review—4x

October 1 - April 30


no sim

all year

The Mom Egg—1x

July 15 - Sept. 30

Meridian—2x ($2 fee)

all year

Mid-American Review—2x

all year

The Minnesota Review—2x

August 1–November 1 

January 1–April 1

The Missouri Review–4x

all year

The Mom Egg—1x
June 1- Sept. 1

National Poetry Review—1x  

December, January, and February only or all year if a subscriber

Natural Bridge—2x

August 1-May 1

$3 fee

Naugatuck River Review—2x

for the Summer issue January 1 through March 1

for the Winter issue July 1 through September 1 (contest only)

New England Review—4x

no sim

Sept 1-May 31

New Madrid—2x

August 15 - November 1

New Ohio Review—2x

Sept-May (summer okay for subscribers)


New Orleans Review—2x

Aug 15 - May 1

New South—2x

all year

The New Yorker

weekly magazine

all year

Ninth Letter—2x

September 1 - April 30

The Normal School—2x

September 1-December 1 

January 15-April 15

$3 fee

all year

Parthenon West Review—1x

Jan 1- May 1 (but on hiatus for 2012)

**Phoebe—1 print issue, i online
March 9 - Oct 31



August 15-May 15



June 1 - Jan. 15

Jan 1 thru March 31
(women only)


year round

no sim

Poetry Northwest—2x

September 15 - April 15

Post Road Magazine—2x

February 1 to April 1 for the winter issue
June 1 to August 1 for the spring issue

Potomac Review—2x

Sept 1-May 1

Prairie Schooner—4x
Sept 1 - May 1
no sim

Puerto del Sol—2x

September 15 - March 31

all year

The Raintown Review—2x

all year

considers previously published

The Raleigh Review—1x

All year


year round


year round


all year


Red Rock Review—2x

No June, July, August, or December

no sim



April 1 - Oct 1

Rockhurst Review—1x

Sept. 15 through Jan. 15


All year

Sakura Review—2x

year round

February 1—April 15

Salt Hill—2x

August 1 - April 1

San Pedro River Review—2x

Jan 1 - Feb 1 / July 1-Aug 1

Saw Palm1x

July 1- October 1

Slice Magazine—2x

Feb. 1 - April 1
January 1 - March 1

Smartish Pace—2x

All year

Sonora Review—2x

All year

So to Speak—2x

August 15-October 15 for the Spring issue

January 1-March 15 for the Fall issue


South Dakota Review—4x

All year

The Southeast Review—2x

All year

**The Southampton Review—2x
September 1 to December 1 and from March 1 to June 1

Southern Humanities Review—4x

All year

**Southern Indiana Review—2x
Sept 1-April 30

Southwest Review—4x

No June, July, August

$2 fee



August 15 - May 15


Spinning Jenny—1x

Sept 15 - May 15

No Sim

Spoon River Poetry Review—2x
September 15 to February 15

The Stillwater Review—1x

Sept 1-Dec 15


September 1 - April 15
No Sim       


Sugar House Review—2x

All year


Tampa Review—2x

Sept 1 - Dec. 31

no sim

Tar River Poetry—2x

via email

Sept 15 - Nov. 1

no sim

Third Coast Review—2x

Sept 15 - April 30

32 poems—2x

via email

all year

The Threepenny Review—4x       

Jan 1 - June 30



Sept  - December


Tinhouse Magazine—2x

September 1 - May 31



Sept 1 - March 1



Sept 15 - Jan 15


Verse Wisconsin—4x

All year

Washington Square Review—2x

August 1 - Oct 15

Dec 15 – Feb 1


Weave Magazine—2x

April 15 - July 31


West Branch—2x

Aug 15 - April 15


Willow Springs—2x

all year

Women Arts Quarterly Journal—4x

all year  



All year


Wow. What a great resource to start from and she has a new book which I haven't gotten yet but has ggod reviews...

The Crafty Poet Named a Best Book for Writers by Poets & Writers

"In this resource for poets, Lockward offers practical advice and insights about 
establishing sound, voice, and syntax in poetry while also providing writing prompts 
and other poems as inspiration."

The Crafty Poet Listed As One of “Six Stellar Sources of Poetry Prompts” 

in the 2015 Poet’s Market

A poetry tutorial to inform and inspire poets. Model poems with prompts, writing tips, and interviews contributed by fifty-six poets, including thirteen former and current state Poets Laureate. Sample poems from an additional forty-five poets. Geared for experienced poets and aspiring poets. Guaranteed to break through any writer's block.

Ideal for individual use at home or group use in the classroom or workshop. etc...



Contributors include some of our nation's finest poets. These fifty-six poets contributed twenty-seven Craft Tips, ten Poet on the Poem Q&As, and twenty-seven model poems that go with the prompts. 


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