Wait... What happened to #1? And what is the CU Poetry Prompt?

One of the main reasons folks attend the group is so they will be inspired to write more. However if we take 10 or 20 minutes out of every meeting to write, then there does not seem to be enough time to critique the poems brought in by participants. So, as we usually have a "poetry topic" every week, why not make a prompt out of it. We also have a discussion forum on the meetup page where meetup members can share their poems in a private setting and not have to worry about those poems being "published". Visit here to join the discussion forum.   

Today's poetry prompt - song lyrics and poetry. I took a poetry class in high school ages ago and we had to find song lyrics, discuss the poetic merit in them and perhaps write something based on that topic... it was hard then ...  Hmmm - this is Nikki's topic -  For our prompt either write a poem that are song lyrics or could be song lyrics ... Or write a poem with music as part of its theme, element, or related in some way. 

Here is Billy Collins reading his poem Nightclub

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AuthorSteve Lavigne